Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Last 10 Days: Change Now!

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Assalammualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Subhanallah walhamdulillah. How time passes like waterfalls! Now it is already the last 10 days of Ramadhan, where these are the days that we can pray to Allah to be saved from an-naar (the hellfire). Make haste O'dear self!

There are so many things to share but so little time. My dear friends, have you ever felt that you want to find peace, solace and to just be sure about what you are doing in this life? If the answer is yes, then welcome to a journey, where you will embark on the greatest, most beautiful journey of finding your soul, knowing your purpose of life and ways of achieving eternal success.

Oh my, this do sounds like some weird motivational talk. Masha Allah.
Oh well (shrugs)

Start changing now! While we are still young.

However, to find eternal happiness is simple, you have to find Allah. Find God. The One who had created us from nothing. The Most High who Knows everything, even to the numbers of leaves falling from the trees. Subhanallah walhamdulillah. Yet, we still have these unknown feeling of doubting things that are happening around us. The reason is simple, we have to learn more about Allah's creation and acknowledge Allah's greatness. Not that Allah need us to acknowledge Him, but it's for us. because when we acknowledge Allah's Greatness, then will Allah open doors for us to learn all the 'ilms in this world. The prophet s.a.w. once said that if we take a step to learn the knowledge of the dunya and akhirah, Allah will open doors to heaven for us. Masha Allah, tabarakallah! Hence, the second step is to learn. Go out and find a pious teacher. If you have doubts, ask for Allah's help. Ask Allah, make du'as to Allah for a pious teacher. Keep in mind that you must be 110% sure and have faith in Allah's power. If it took a long time while you are journeying to find a pious teacher, be patient. Allah will grant our du'as in many ways. And when you have found a teacher, you have to learn wholeheartedly. This means that there will be things that confuses us, so be brave and ask. Be humble and always make sure that our niyat are crystal clear and we are ikhas. And at the same time, we must be very patient when learning. Knowledge is light, and it will enlighten only those who wants it, who looked for it and who cleanses their heart for it. These are the keys of making sure that the 'ilm that we are learning are actually Guided by Allah through our teachers. And finally, we have to know that these things take time. Because Allah wants us to be among the pious, to be among the cream of the crop of His 'abd.

And insya Allah, I think this is it for now. These are reminders for me, a weak and puny slave in front of Allah. Do make lots of du'as for yourselves, family, the ummah and also for me. Insya Allah, may Allah forgive our sins, guide us to His Light, enlighten our heart and soul, shrouds us with Rahmah and make us among the pious and soleh wa musleh. Ameen.

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe

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Life is for Rent

Life is for Rent
"Ya Tuhan kami. Berikanlah kami Rahmat dari sisi-Mu dan sempurnakanlah petunjuk yang lurus bagi kami dalam urusan kami" [al-Kahf:10]